unit 3

First idea
I have decided to do a point and click adventure based on the cartoon O.K K.O Lets Be Heros. The game will be set in the world of O.K K.O and follow the main character K.O as he tries to find out whats going on in lake city plaza.
This follows the theme of legend as K.O wants to be a legendary Hero.
Research for the game
 I am going to watch a few of the most popular episodes of O.K K.O Lets Be Heros and find out why they are the most popular episodes and why people like them and also study its unique art style.
What I learnt from my last project and what I want to include in this project
More Motion tween cheap low budget style animation: Instead of animating the mouths moving for each word, i will just have 4 mouth frames that I will repeat.
Movie clips: In my last game i didn’t know about movie clips, using movie clips i can make the project a lot easier to work with
O.K K.O takes all the good stuff from things like super hero movies, anime, action stuff and puts it together to make the show
Postmodernism is an art moment where stuff is cool because its old
K.O animation