unit 2


TellTale Games

TellTale games creates games in a unique style where you can choose how the charter acts and what decisions they make in the game, doing certain things in the game changes how people act towards you and the outcome of the game.

The games they create usually show a different part of a story that wasn’t told before, for example in The Walking Dead TellTale tells the story of Lee and Clementine who are characters from the walking dead comic universe who have never been seen before.

The games are point and click for the most part and focus on story telling, this means they have long senescence with quick time events or choosing what the charterer says.

Telltale games also focusing on story telling more than gameplay and makes players make difficult decisions, for example in the walking dead telltale at the end of the  game have to choose wether Clementine kills Lee and puts him out of his missery and make sure he doesn’t turn into a zombie of leave him to turn and for ever be trapped in a lifeless body and possibly kill and turn other people into zombies

My TellTale style game will use be point and click with images popping and a choice on what the player can say or do


Concept Gif: I took inspiration from from the The Walking Dead telltale with the keys and depleting timer bar, i chose to have speech bubble as i don’t want to have to record my self doing incredibly bad impressions of the characters.

I took images from google and arranged them myself in Photoshop and animated them in premier pro. For the spacey background i just used the spot healing brush in Photoshop on the title card for an episodes of the show (They always use the same spacey style background with different text)




page 1.PNGpage 3.PNGpage 2.PNG







Presentation / feed back?

powepoint – This is the thing i presented, people said i should make sure that different side characters should be included in and have a role in each individual episode, for example muscle man and high five can effect and be involved in one episode and then the baby ducks can have a role in another. Also they told me that as parents like regular show as it has 80’s and 90’s influences they are more likely to buy the game for there kids so they can also play it and see what its like.


Proposal Type Thing

My games is going to be based on the regular show TV series. The game will have 3 main yourself, Mordecai and Rigby. In the game you work as an intern at i the park, a huge expansive park which includes a house where workers live such as Pops, a kind hearted old man with a big head, Mordecai, a blue jay who likes to slack off and play video games and Rigby a raccoon who always gets himself in to trouble and drags others into his mess to help him fix it.

The park has other grounds keepers such as skips: a wise old yeti who lives in a bungalow on the park grounds and muscle man: a gross sweaty green human who lives in a run down caravan. Whilst in the park you will see other characters such as Benson, your boss who is a strict up tight gumball machine and is always looking over the slackers shoulders making sure they don’t screw up there job, and many other charterer such as High Five ghost, Thomas, Margret and Eileen


There are many different places you will see whilst in the game:                                          The house, the Parks snack bar, The parks meat locker, The coffee shop,                                East Pines (the parks competition), Cheezer’s (Grilled cheese Fast food  chain),                Wing Kingdom (Chicken Wing fast food chain)

There are many possibilities for episodes/Levels in my game as Regular show episodes are always wacky and random and there are also events from episodes which i can work with. for example in one episode they find a caveman frozen in an old cave in the park, they accidentally unfreeze him and wake him up, after messing around with him they refreeze him in the parks meat locker and he is never spoken of again, this means I could make one of my episodes/levels can be about him being woken up again or something along them lines.

Game play

In the game you will have to choose who to side with in different situations, depending on the choice you will have a different ending and unlock a special item for the next level, the item wont effect game play but will just be cosmetic like a shirt or a hat that a character will wear. The title screen can also have items added to it that you can collect in game.

I chose to do regular show as it has a huge following of adults who enjoy the show as it is incredibly nostalgic for them, this is as it  uses lots of influences from the 80’s and 90’s such as old technology like video game consoles and has a 80’s soundtrack, it also has a few hidden jokes that go over kids heads. But still appeals to kids with its wacky humor and funny characters.


The games sound track will be 8 bit 80’s music, this is as the sound track for regular show is 80’s music, I decided it would be best for it to be 8 bit as this means it can loop seamlessly and wont be distracting or annoying.

I wont be voicing the characters as it would be really bad, instead i will have text boxes or speech bubbles.



Regular show episode layout

In a normal episode of regular show goes down like this

Mordecai and Rigby are chilling

They get told or want to do something

They start doing it or procrastinate

Something goes wrong

They fix it (Sometimes with help from someone else)

Everything is back to normal


Story board

Story board for first level/ episode of my game.

The first level and few minuets of the game will show what the charterers are like for people who have never watched the show, This is done by showing how Benson gets mad with Mordecai and Rigby as they are slacking off and playing video games.




art style

The regular show art style is very simplistic, characters are usually colored in with block colors and don’t have any shading. The backgrounds are also colored in with water style colors and scaling does not stay consistent, the backgrounds usually have shading as well as important objects that are drawn with more detail.

lip sync thingy

I watched some episodes or regular show and the lip sync mouth moment thing is usually just a few frames repeated over again and roughly placed so it looks good, for example if they are saying the word “Fire” they would be biting there lip or “The” they would have there tongue out a bit.  I drew up a short speech cycle for Benson and swapped around the frames depending on what he was saying, and then converted it to a movie clip and put it on the frame he is talking on














Sound research

Sound is made up of waves and stuff, higher the frequency the louder and more high pitch it is


For the game i am going to use sound fx’s for when characters are running, opening a door, getting out keys ect. and also have retro/8bit background music so make the game feel fast passed  and not feel slow and like its dragging on. I will use royalty freesound effects from sites like  zapsplat.com  and soundeffectsplus.com


Research for game idea

I have watched every episode of regular show


Todorov theory

Example: Regular show

1: Mordecai and Rigby have to set up the chairs for a kids party

2: They run out of chairs and look in the backroom for some more where they find old arcade machines.

3: They play the one with the “Do not play” sign on it and a giant monster forms.

4: They go to skips to get help stopping the monster.

5:They have to defeat the monster before it destroys the park

Image result for Todorov theory

Heroes Journey

Example : Kingdom hearts

Call to adventure: Sora and his friends get attacked by heartless and there home world gets destroyed

Mentor: Sora meets Pluto who rakes him to leon who tells him about the keyblade

Helper: Goofy and Donald meet Sora and help him on his journey

Challenge: Sora then fights a bunch of heartless and finds out about the bad dudes

Abyss death & Rebirth: Sora looses the keyblade and Donald and Goofy leave him but then come back but release that Sora is the good guy, He dies and comes back.

Transformation: Sora learns to control his dark form

Return: Sora meets Kairi again and brings back Destiny Islands


Image result for the heros journey

Episode 1 Consequence Tree

episode 1 tree






Flash Tutorial

Today I explored the possibility of creating our game in flash.

I used buttons with action script to take the user/player to different pages.

Creating the game in flash would be useful as i could have the animation running straight in flash instead of having to export it and then import it to game maker or construct.

You can see that i locked the layers i am not working with to make sure i didn’t mess stuff up






Rotoscoping is where you draw over a real life video/picture and make it cartoony, this is used to make stuff look more realistic/natural and keep proportions of things, I could use this in my game by outlining Cityscape for backgrounds in my game. Example:Image result for rotoscoping examples




Concept art



As you can see in this concept art Mordecai is being the bad influence and Rigby is being scared, this is as in the show and the game creating Rigby is scared of a lot of things, this shows what there characters are like as Mordecai is a lot braver than Rigby

I made a GIF of the Casset dude from the summer time lovin episode, i done this is flash and this is the style of animation my game will have









Non playable characters, NPC’s usually give you a quest or items which progress or add to the story.


reception theory – Reception theory is how the audience sees things, if they agree what you were trying to say, if they partly agree or disagree

Male Gaze

male orientated and men relate to it more as Mordecai and Rigby slack off and want to play video games like stereotypical young men, women are more of a game to Muscle man, Rigby and Mordecai. Margret has a proper job and is higher up in the employment ladder as she has a car and is represented as being smarter.

How characters in my game are represented

Rigby is represented as a dirty, obnoxious annoying charterer, this is a s he is a small raccoon and raccoons are gross creatures that rummage through trash cans. This makes the player and viewer assume he has no standards for stuff and is lazy

Pops is a old guy with a big head, as he is very child like people might stereotype him as an old guy he is crazy and lost his sanity and will feel bad for him, but think he is cute for how child like and pure he is.




Triangle of weirdness

The triangle of weirdness means you can have 2 weird things and one realistic thing that people can relate to.

This makes sure that the game isn’t to unrealistic that people cant relate to it, and not to realistic that it is boring.

Regluar show is weird in that anything can happen and the main characters are animals or monster, but it is realistic as in that it is set in america.


Background for my game

Backgrounds in regular are usually just still images, including people walking in the background, this make it fairly easy for me to make the backgrounds for my game.

i have been drawing them in flash professional / Animate and filling them in with block color in Photoshop, then i over lay some free water color textures I found online as the original backgrounds look hand drawn and colored with water colors.


house angle finalhouse





Pegi Ratings

Pegi ratings are guide lines on how old you should be to play the game, it is also how old you need to buy it, this stops 7 a year old buying a game and lets parents know they shouldn’t buy it for their kids.

pegi rating.png

Some games are banned if they are to realistic and can immerse people to much that they forget they cant do something in every day life or actually teaches them how to kill people like how man hunt 2 shows how you can use everyday objects to kill people


Perspective in games

the perspective you are given in a game can change how it feels completely. For example doom is a first person game and makes you feel like you are actually there and are killing demons and stuff, whilst Telltale the walking dead is 3rd person and you feel like you are following a group of people in a story but controlling one of the characters

Pegi rating for my game

My game will be a pegi 12 rating, this is as the Mordecai, Rigby and Pops are human like, there is also slight violence in the show like wrestling and when Mordecai and Rigby play punchies.






Game Mechanics 

Game mechanics are things you can do in a game other than walking that add to the game play like jumping, climbing, shooting a gun.

Game Hazards

Hazards are things the enemy can come across that try to kill you in game, they are similar to enemy’s but are stationary like pits, Turrets, laser guided missiles.

Game Props

Props are things in the game which don’t effect game play but add to the realism like a charterer holding a clip board.

Game Puzzles

Puzzles are something that the player have to solve to progress through the game or unlock something to help them.


Old vs new game mechanics

Donkey Kong County

In Donkey Kong Country you basically just jump and run whilst collecting Bananas for points, swing on ropes to get over gaps, and rolling and throwing barrels to kill enemy’s. The main mechanic is being able to switch characters as one can jump higher than the other and the other is stronger. there are also levels where you ride on a rhino or in a mine cart and  then just have to jump to avoid enemy or pits.

The Last Guardian


The last Guardian doesn’t have a lot of mechanics as it is mainly just repetitive just with the puzzles getting harder and developing the story more. But the main mechanics are controlling Trico (The giant cat dog bird) and making him carry you to places you cant reach, destroy things, fight enemy and help you solve puzzles, And your charterer can solve puzzles on his own and fit in small places and use the shield to guide Trico







I solved a problem in my game!

Instead of having a ridiculous amount of frames when animating something like a characters mouth moving i can use movie clips!

I used movie clips to condense an animation into just 1 frame to save room and make it easier to work with in the timeline.

To do make something a movie clip click F8 and select movie clip

movie clip 1.PNG

then double click it and add frames for the animation



Then you just double click to exit and it will play the animation when you are on that frame.





Text boxes

As I bothered to draw the backgrounds for my game i didn’t want them to be covered up by text boxes so i wanted to find away to make them transparent like in my concept art, I googled it and found out that you have to convert the object to a symbol, go to color effect, select alpha and move about the slider.



speach benson.png

convertblah blah blahcolour effect

I also used movie clips to make the text scroll. I did this by making it a movie clip and duplicate the frames a bunch then make each frame add one letter at a time.





Levi Strauss

Binary opposition is how things are pure opposites like 0 and 1 and light and dark.

Bosses are the main bad guys in games like Xehanort in kingdom hearts, they are the main villain that you spend the majority of the game chasing after.

My boss in my game / first level is Gene from East pines who is the opposing Park in regular show, they are the binary opposite of Benson who is the boss of the park you work for.

Enemies – The boss in my game Gene, is a Binary opposite to Benson as he cheats to get things and will use bad ways of winning stuff whilst Benson plays everything safe and does things correctly. The other enemies are Genes employees that you have to sneak around to make sure you don’t get caught trespassing on there property.




I decided to use this as the intro sound:

I was thinking of using this:

but I thought it sounded to up beat and wouldn’t fit in very well for just a normal regular show episode / story as that was created for the epic action packed movie.


I used audacity to edit the audio to make them fade in and out and removed the silence  then used the short click from the regular show intro sound and reused it for the sound when you click a button.

audacity 1audacity 2audacity 3

audacity 4audacity 5



Speaking audio,

In the game Yooka-Laylee the characters don’t speak they make weird grunting noises, I took inspiration from this as this means I don’t have to have anyone do a bad impression of the charterers from Regular show.

I recorded myself making a noice into a microphone and speed it up and changed the pitch on diffrent parts, this made it sound similar to the noises in Yooka-Laylee

grunt 1grunt 2



Pops laughing, i edited a clip of pops laughing for my game as when you click on him when hes floating on the home screen he switches to a ms paint version of him so he will laugh as he looks funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Im2TL8JgMcE


I put in sound effects for Mordecai and Rigby saying “OHHHHH” so people understand more of what they mean when they say it and don’t take it the wrong way





Feed back




evaluation thingy

After completing the tasks to the best of my ability I have learnt a lot about flash and my person ability using it,  I feel I kept true to my proposal even though i barely completed the first episode/Level of my game.

This is as i didn’t realize how difficult it is to animate in flash and dint know about all the tools like movie clips until late in the project. but I am now more comfortable using it and if i was to  do this task again I wouldn’t  put as much detail into drawing the backgrounds and spend more time animating the characters.


The sound in the final game follows the regular show style when Mordecai and Rigby yell OHHHHHHHHHH, but that the only sound reused, the rest of it follows a more simplistic style game like Adventure time! Hey ice king! why’d you steal our garbage! where it just uses clips of the character talking from the show and reuses them in the game.

The sound could be improved to be more like the show by getting voice actors to recreate the charters voices and also adding intense background music when something intense happens as this is what happens in the show.

Similar sounding games  Adventure time! Hey ice king! why’d you steal our garbage!, this is a popular game that has a similar sounds to my game which i took inspiration from, this is as its very simplistic but effect and clearly shows and adds to what happening in the game, for example when Fin is hit he screams which is similar to how Mordecai and Rigby yell OHHHHHHHH in my game and is just there to add to the game but doesn’t effect game play.


I feel that the art style was very similar to the  Regular show cartoon with the water color textures but this is as I put a lot of effort into it, but as I put to much effort in to it I didn’t  leave much time to add more game play and other content to the game.