writing a story for a game

unconventional – coming up with decisions randomly as the story goes on

Purposeful- ~When you plan whats going to happen before hand







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Concept art and stuff

originally are main characters and enemy were going to look a bit more realistic and scruffy but we thought that this style wouldn’t appeal to a younger audience and also wouldn’t look good in a more pixely style

so we decided to go with a more rounded bubbly style which is slightly more simplistic but can still hold detail

i then traced them out in illustrator and added colour in Photoshop and we decided to use them

then i used Piskelapp.com to draw them out in pixel art and animate them



Games Story

The main charterer is a king who had his kingdom stolen from him by headache the evil sorcerer and trapped him in a labyrinth. in the game you have to find keys to get out and save the kingdom. In the game the king will have to find his way through a maze and destroy any enemy that gets in his way and find headache and stop him doing anymore evil. As the king struggles to get out the labyrinth he starts to realise how import the role of king is (Charterer development)

my level

i decided to  create the final boss fight inspired by the classic donkey Kong game, this will make adults feel nostalgic and also have a feel like you are finally climbing your way out of the labyrinth. It will start of with the king at the begging of the level jumping over fire balls head ache is throwing from the first boss fight, the player has to avoid them by jumping over them (kind of linking to the second boss fight and the rule of 3) once you reach headache and attack him he teleport up to the next platform. Each time you get to the higher platform headache starts throwing the fire balls faster making it more difficult, When you reach the top platform and attack him he plays his death animation and the game plays the end screenIMG_20171201_115624781