interactive portfolios!

Robby Leonardis interactive portfolio is pretty neat and looks impressive, I like the flat and simplistic visuals and easily shows the skills he claims he has, I don’t particularly like how you have to scroll or use the up and down arrows keys to go through it as it doesn’t feel right and is also difficult to go back at some points, it is also very confusing when you are going up on the hot air balloon and stops it feeling like a game.

Also he doesn’t show any of his previous work on the website. The actual website may show that he is confident and knows how to work with HTML but for the rest of the stuff he claims he can use, we are just taking his word for it.

He also has a bunch of interviews near the end which makes it look impressive but all of them are just about the website/Interactive CV that we are on and still doesn’t show any of his other skills

Robby Leonardi | 2017. Robby Leonardi | [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 04 December 2017].







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